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As far as Danny's concerned, there are universal wins and there are times when you need to roll with whatever strange punches are being given to you. Stepping through a random door with Steve right behind him and ending up in the hotel was weird, true. Going back through the door and ending up in Vegas? Also weird, but it's not exactly something Danny is arguing because hey, he has always loved Las Vegas and he's got some money on him, nowhere to be, and it's the kind of heat he likes.

So, you know, he's happy.

He's also secretly happy that Steve is right there with him. After all, it's like a challenge to get Steve to loosen up. True, it's not that Danny wants him to get all curved and loose and go find strippers or anything (he might end up a bit jealous, that's all), but getting Steve a bit tipsy is good for the soul. You know, or whatever they say.

"Hey," Danny calls to Steve, sliding him a mixed drink. "This one's on me, but after that, I'm no longer your ATM for the night." Might as well enjoy paradise when you're dropped into it, right?
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NAME: Danny Williams
AGE: 36
DATE OF BIRTH: August 23rd, 1976

SEXUALITY: Four on the Kinsey scale

PARENTS: Firefighting father, overworrying Ma
SIBLINGS: Three sisters, one brother (Matt)

{ danny williams
the loudest mouth on the whole of oahu
QUIRKS: Tendency to ramble, impressively coiffed hair.
LIKES: Springsteen, Bon Jovi, pizza from Jersey, law and order (not the show)
DISLIKES: Pineapples, the beach, the ocean, fruit on pizza, being shot at. Shall I go on, Steven?

In many ways, Danny is a great cop. He’s no-nonsense, he takes charge, he has a strict sense of duty, a fine-tuned moral compass, and has honed his deductive skills and cop instincts over a number of varying cases and different partners. In other ways, he’s not so great at the whole business. He’s a little too hotheaded, too quick on the draw, and lets his emotions get the best of him. His passion for the law can lead him to quick judgment and biting comments about less-reputable people. These traits act opposite to those that Steve McGarrett possesses, but when put together, the two create a surprisingly efficient and great partnership. Danny is easily driven to frustration by the partnership, but he’s more bark than bite in all aspects of his life as well as with his work. It’s not hard to read Danny’s emotional barometer. One look at his expression typically does it. He loves easily, hurts hard, and can let his anger cloud his feelings when he gives in to his grudges and petty annoyances. When Danny’s not taking personal affront, he’s an easy going guy. He’s personable and enjoys a good time and good laughs. He’s incredibly upfront with his thoughts, both good and bad, and never shies away from a confrontation (verbal or otherwise). He can come across tactless, but it’s less that he has no control over his emotions and more that he believes it’s better to speak his mind than live with regret.
HAIR: Blond
EYES: Blue

Danny is fairly short and compact. He's only five-five, but he moves with purpose and is incredibly built. He's in shape given his job on the force and makes up for what he lacks in height in his strength. He wears shirts that are a smidge too tight in the shoulders, but loose enough at the waist, and has foregone ties.
Danny grew up in Jersey in love with it all – from its bad reputation to the brutal winter weather – and after college, enrolled in the police academy and worked his way up through the ranks to become a detective. It turned out that New Jersey wasn’t a bad place to meet beautiful young British women with very poor driving skills. While he was just a cop, Danny met Rachel – or, rather, her fender met his bender. He offered to give her driving lessons and before he knew it, they were married and had a baby girl together. Before she knew it, she woke up married to a cop. And then came the spats. They fought about everything, but most frequently they fought about how Danny put his job above his family. Eventually the arguments broke the camel’s back and eleven years together was ended in a nasty divorce. If that wasn’t bad enough, Rachel took their daughter, Grace, and moved her to Hawaii after marrying a businessman from the islands. Not willing to lose the most important thing in his life, Danny picked up and moved to Hawaii.
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CHARACTER NAME: Danny Williams


Slowtagging: Absolutely.
Canon-puncturing: Please go for it, if it's what you want. Even better if you use the older series to do it.
Offensive subjects (elaborate): Danny's fairly touchy about 9/11 and any violence or horrors involving young children, particularly girls roughly the age of 9 or 10.


Hugging this character: Yes. Danny loves hugs; he gives a pretty good bear-hug, himself.
Kissing this character: He's not exactly objecting to it, but he'd prefer if you bought him a drink, first.
Flirting with this character: He's completely on board for flirtation. He might not be amazing at it, but he's on board.
Fighting with this character: Fights can be instigated and threaded.
Injuring this character (include limits and severity): Yes. Please no maiming to the point of death, but anything else is fine.
Using telepathy/mind reading abilities on this character: Go for it!

For the most part, Danny will either be back in Oahu with the Five-0 team and Grace, or will be wandering the Nexus Hotel, keeping an eye out for anyone less than on the up-and-up. Feel free to have your pup notice him wandering around hallways and public spaces with his police-issued equipment.


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Direct your questions regarding gameplay with Danny Williams in the comments of this post! This is not an in-character mailbox, it is for OOC plotting. For the most part, Danny will spend minimal time at the Nexus Hotel, though he will be keeping an eye on the safety of the residents and will go there when he needs a break from Hawaii and all its' tropical 'benefits'. All comments will be screened.
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It's morning and Danny, Danny has always hated mornings. It's not like he has to get up, now. Rapture is sealed off again and Steve and all the gun-happy people at the ITF have made sure that no one's getting out, which means that Danny gets to sleep. In fact, it means he can absolutely scoot over and wrap his arms around Steve to get him closer. What's not expected is when Danny slides in and his hand brushes against a very firm, very round breast.

Right, okay, so, this is strange. It could just be Rachel, though. He peeks one eye open and finds that no, Rachel's hair is not that brown and Rachel does not have those tattoos, which means that Danny's day is officially fucked.

"Damn it, Steve," Danny groans and as soon as he hears his own voice, he knows it's not only Steve who's affected. With an ugly laugh and a disbelieving grin, he shakes his head and sighs. "Steven," he sighs. "Wake up, sleeping beauty."
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When Danny wakes up in a body that's not his, not even remotely, he sort of lies in bed and hates life for a while. He huffs and he puffs and he kicks the covers and he stares at the ceiling with his arms crossed until the feeling of breasts under his arms gets too weird and then he uncrosses them. It's not like this was funny the first time, but at least he's not eighteen years old this go-around.

Still, it's not like that makes it better.

Danny mumbles complaint and excuses to a sleepy Steve, grabbing hold of a robe and knotting it over the white t-shirt and boxers he likes to sleep in, staggering down the beach to Rachel's door. He knocks on the door, knowing that he might wake Jess up, but right now, Rachel's his best bet for booze and a shoulder to bitch to. "Rachel," Danny sighs. "Rachel, open up. I need comfort in the form of whatever liquor you hide in there."
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This whole 'having a seal' thing is kind of starting to baffle Danny. He knows that he's not keeping the thing as a pet, but the animal keeps showing up on the rocks near shore and barking at him in the morning, prompting the dog to bark back. Right now, Danny's dragging thick rocks from the shoreline towards the ocean to try and build up some kind of little palatial paradise for the seal.

And he's trying to tell himself that he is not allowed to put khakis on the thing so it better resembles its namesake.

Zulu and the seal are having a goddamn barking contest and Danny swears he's getting a migraine by the second. He pinches the bridge of his nose and looks between the two. "You're gonna drive me crazy," he informs the animals. "You know that?"
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After everything the past few weeks have delivered, Danny shouldn't be surprised when life tries to kick him when he's down and right now, said kicking is helped along by the fact that his stitches have busted loose and he feels like he can't breathe. Every inhalation accompanies a burst of fire and he's trying to get home because it's closer to there than the Compound and Steve will find him.

Steve has to find him. Shit, if they're going to relive the disaster in the woods, then he's not going to be able to take it.

Clutching his side (his white button-down stained with a blossom of red), he manages to make it to the hut, using his good shoulder to burst through the door, catching his breath the moment after. "Steve," he calls out, pained. "Steve, I need -- I need your help, babe. Please!"
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While he's coming to the realization that he's going to be trapped in the clinic for the foreseeable future, it doesn't mean that he has to be completely useless. He's hauled in all of the IPD files to do with the impending Halloween threat and has a pen and has begun to make notes on level of severity and plans in the event the visions come to fruition. It's a way to keep his mind off of Esther and Steve and everything.

The papers and the sheets start to slip as they have been all day and Danny shifts, struggling in order to yank them up without causing too much stress on the wound. He hisses, loudly, and screws up his eyes, grabbing the sheets with one fist as he rides out the pain.

"Motherfuck," he hisses, but then he's better. He feels better.

Well, as better as he's gonna get these days.
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For all that Danny had complained about the possibility of Steve getting him shot, winding up stabbed by his not-so-daughter-like-daughter hadn't exactly been up there on the list of things he had expected. After all, that's insane, isn't it? It should be. And yet, here he is in the clinic with stitches up and down his sides to prevent his guts from spilling out and Esther is dead and Steve isn't under his roof and Danny doesn't know what to do right now except bitch more about the pain.

Because that? That is in his control. "Come on, who's got the power over the morphine here?" he shouts, voice a weak resemblance of what it could be. "I'm dying over here."
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He doesn't have that long.

By all rights, Danny shouldn't have left the hut at all, but standing there with all that silence and staring at Esther's arm only brought him back to thoughts of Steve, who's packed a bag of his things and has gone -- well, fuck knows where the hell he's gone, but he's not at home anymore and it's just so painfully much like the final days with Rachel that Danny's on autopilot.

Instead of a seedy motel, though, he heads for a friend. At least he's improved as far as good choices go. Without even knowing how much time has passed, Danny finds himself at Neil's doorstep. His hand hovers in front of the door, but he can't knock. Instead, he sags down and sits in front of Neil's house in shock and the kind of horror that accompanies a fight like this.

What the fuck is happening to his life, that's what he wants to know.
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Danny's pretty sure that one day, and one day soon, Steve's going to end up snapping and cutting off the beard in his sleep. Truthfully, Danny's pretty enamored of the damn thing, though that might have a great heaping deal to do with the fact that he got to grow it out alongside his hair and nothing's compelled him to shave it off lately.

Still, as he tries on vests and pants in the bedroom of the hut, he wonders if Rachel's going to have his head on a platter if he shows up to her wedding with scruff that could serve as the envy of the general population. "Steve?" he calls, poking his head out of the bedroom as he unknots his tie and unbuttons the vest, searching through the pile on the bed for the next combination. "Did the SEALs teach you to match? Hell, the boy scouts, whatever, I need a second opinion over wedding attire," he summons, snapping his fingers.

Zulu comes running, so at least one thing under the roof listens to him.
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Danny feels like he's running on empty and there aren't any fuel stations around for miles and miles. Yeah, he's giddy as anything to have this kind of purpose in his life again, but taking care of a kid while trying to work a full-time job, two part-time jobs, cope with a new husband, and whatever the hell was going on with people's nightmares was bad enough. Apparently, too, friends wanted to see you.

He had a box of cookies as he made his way to Neil's place, hoping that an apology would at least do the trick and earn him some sympathy for the coming weeks while he tried to find the right balance to keep his life in check. He leans his elbow up against the wood of the door, giving it a light knock. "Anybody home?"
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The night had passed in pretty much a blur and by the time Danny's on his way home -- tie loosened, jacket in hand -- that tumultuous turning in his stomach has gone from a background pang to something right in his view. He wants to be happy for Helen and he is. God, he is. He's always happy that his friends are continuing with their lives with all the happiness they deserve, but there's something that harkens back to Rachel and Grace with Helen in particular that catches him off-guard.

He tries to shake it off, managing a little better once he gets back to the hut and Zulu seems more than eager to greet him. "Hey, buddy. Your Dad home?" he asks, scratching under the dog's chin. "Steve?" he calls out. "Babe, you back yet?"

Danny continues the slow trudge to the bedroom, exhausted with just enough alcohol in his system to make him feel like he's lagging. He only bothers with the first three buttons of his shirt before he sinks down onto the edge of the bed, sprawling onto his back with a long exhale.
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Danny is only acting as backup when it comes to this exercise. He's grateful to Chris for doing the requested damage, but there's still a part of him that cringes when he sees the way they've trashed the huts. He sighs and closes the door behind him, signalling to Nick and Kate that this is the one that's set-up the best for their exercise. He's the detective and if he's learned anything from his years on the job, it's that he ought to shut up when the lab shows up because he doesn't know half of what they do.

"Today," he advises to Kate as catches up to them, walking the last little distance, "Nick's your guy. You have a question, you ask him. If it's about the procedure of what happens after, that's me, but what I want you to do is take everything you've read and all that we talked about and go into this scene with an open mind. I want you to pick out the important pieces that might lead you to a suspect or give you a lead. Sound good?"

And maybe he can politely request that someone who owes community service hours can help tidy up the clusterfuck that's become of the huts.
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Danny's curious about whether the island has ever actually been kind without a healthy serving of cruelty dished alongside it. Today's one of those days. It's been a long day and he's not really expecting to be out as long as he is. By the time he gets home, he hopes that Steve isn't too pissed off. He'd talked to the Council, then a couple of IPD people, and then he'd swung by the new-and-(so not)improved clothes box for more professional wear, including some ties and jackets.

By the time he gets back to their home, he's too tired to even talk, let alone do anything else. He heads straight for the couch, grabbing Zulu to yank up alongside him so that when he sprawls face-down, the dog is right there alongside to offer whatever fuzzy support an animal of his age can. He gives a soft grunt when he hears footsteps approaching. "Steve, if that's you, I will marry you again if you rub the gargantuan knots out of my shoulders," he mumbles.
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There's a couple of nice things that Danny appreciates about the world suddenly turning to desert and dust. For one, he gets to sleep without the sound of waves keeping him until the early hours of the morning. Plus, he gets to wear some amazing clothes and he's got a gun on him. He's just grateful to be practicing his accuracy once more, seeing as it's been a while and he'd started to get worried.

As it stands, he's working on putting together dinner for when Steve gets home -- just a simple vegetable stew and some beef that he's picked up from the Compound since there is no way in hell that he's looking a gift cow in the mouth, so to speak. With the heat rising from his small stove, he inches towards the door, kicking it open to let some of the steam out, giving Zulu a warning look as he pokes a wooden spoon in the dog's direction. "You even think about running and I'm letting Steve take you for a five-miler."
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When Danny first moved to Hawaii, he'd interviewed with the HPD wearing the tie Grace got him for Father's Day. They discussed his eighty-seven successful homicide closed cases, they talked about what brought him to the island, and he had the job within days. Six months later, he had precious few allies and one of the best partners he could ever ask for. Six months after that, he's suddenly shanghai'ed into Five-0, Meka's dead, and Steve McGarrett has him filling out more paperwork on a daily basis to the point that he's got new callouses that will never go away.

The point is, Danny's used to change. He's used to getting his job done and being the best police officer he can be -- regardless of the pushback he gets because he's a haole or because he wears ties in 90F heat. That doesn't matter to him. What matters is justice -- it's empathy and keeping families together -- and it's being a good man. Now, with Archie gone and the responsibility of the IPD in his hands, Danny has an idea of how he can continue to pursue those values here in a way that goes beyond patrols.

Plus, it helps that he's already in the midst of doing exactly that. He's got several books in his hands -- texts that he's been accumulating for a while for Kate -- but it's not Kate's door that he's at. It'd taken him a while, given the way the island had decided to go all Spaghetti Western on them, but he's finally here. He's made sure he has plenty of time just for this -- and time is something he's short of (he's had to shorten his hours at the bakery and the children's office, but it's worth it).

Right now, he's got a goal in mind and Danny Williams doesn't give up on something once he sinks his teeth into it.
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When Danny first came up with this plan, he figured he'd have to get outside help for the destruction of property (not that he phrased it that way, but called it a 'upturning of the status quo' when he'd talked to Chris), but as much as he tries to recreate the crime-kit he brings to scenes, it's definitely not the same and Steve the Science Guy can only help so far. He needs some actual help when it comes to thinks like blacklights and print-grabbing.

Danny figures there's no harm in swinging by the lab. He'd do this at home all the time and he really should be keeping his relationship with them open in the event anything does go down again. It's why he's got a couple of donuts in hand with coffee when he knocks on the door that the lab and clinic splits. "Hey, anybody home," he jokes, heading straight for Nick (Nick? He thinks it's Nick, he just signed up for baseball) and offering out the food.
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As far as cake-baking attempts go, Danny's not the master. Sure, he can do a simple birthday cake, but Steve's? No, he'd needed the big guns for that, which is why he'd showed up to work on one of his days off. The result is worth it -- it's so worth it. He's got a grenade cake, made of chocolate and buttercreme wrapped up. It's only a week into the marriage, but Danny feels like not getting the right gift is pretty much a great way of starting off a marriage in a difficult way.

When he gets back, he makes sure it's tucked away in the ice box. When that's done, he strips down to his shorts and grabs his surfboard, waiting outside for Steve to get back. A surf, a swim, and a cake -- he figures if that's not what Steve wants (outside of some breakfast), then he's just out of luck.


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Danny Williams

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