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He doesn't have that long.

By all rights, Danny shouldn't have left the hut at all, but standing there with all that silence and staring at Esther's arm only brought him back to thoughts of Steve, who's packed a bag of his things and has gone -- well, fuck knows where the hell he's gone, but he's not at home anymore and it's just so painfully much like the final days with Rachel that Danny's on autopilot.

Instead of a seedy motel, though, he heads for a friend. At least he's improved as far as good choices go. Without even knowing how much time has passed, Danny finds himself at Neil's doorstep. His hand hovers in front of the door, but he can't knock. Instead, he sags down and sits in front of Neil's house in shock and the kind of horror that accompanies a fight like this.

What the fuck is happening to his life, that's what he wants to know.
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"They're fine, man. They won't go far," I say, heading back inside and grabbing a bottle of booze and two glasses from the kitchen. Sitting down beside him, I pour a couple inches in each glass and hand one over.

"You gotta tell me what's goin' on, man. You're startin' to freak me out."
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"What?" I say, forgetting about the drink in my hand for a moment. "I... Shit, man. Are you sure? I mean..."

I don't know Steve all that well, but I can't imagine him getting in a fight with a nine year old.

"What do you mean physical?"
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"You're a grown fucking man. She's a fuckin' nine-year-old. How is that-- Look, nevermind, I... Jesus," I say, the wheels in my head sticking, rusting up, fucking refusing to make sense of this, 'cause what the fuck.

I think about something like this happening to one of my girls and a cold, hard knot settles in the pit of my stomach.

"Where is she? Is she okay?"
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"I dunno, man. I don't really know her. I mean, she's weird, but everybody's fuckin' weird around here," I shrug, even though I know the kinds of lengths a kid might go to get attention. None of us really know where she came from, what kind of shit she's been through.

"I did... some really fucked up shit when I was her age. Like, really fucked up shit. I mean, I'm not sayin' not to trust her, I'm just sayin', it's gotta be tough, settling into a new family, when she's got whatever the fuck kind of baggage she's carrying. Tough on everybody."

Tough on Steve. Maybe tough enough that he might've just... snapped.
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"I can't... I can't tell you what to do, man. I think, maybe, you did the only thing you could do, right now. Keep some distance between 'em, and talk to both of 'em. I just... I mean, this is really fucked up," I say with a cough of a sound that isn't even close to laughter.

"If it was Mack and Flo, you'd be damned sure I'd kick him the fuck out. But I'd still wanna know why the hell it'd happened. I mean, what did he say?"