haolehothead: (serious: by ?)
Danny Williams ([personal profile] haolehothead) wrote 2012-10-02 04:18 pm (UTC)

He doesn't want to think any of this, doesn't want to even trust the little voice in his mind that wants to remind him of all the times Steve's been a little too free with violence with men and women back home, wants to believe Steve would never do that to a kid, not to his kid, but Danny doesn't know what kind of tempers were flaring. "She's at the Children's Office. I needed some time to think, I needed...I needed to figure this out and I still can't, so I informed Steve to leave the house."

"Neil, I don't fucking know. If he didn't do it, then why would she lie about that? Her arm's pretty messed up and she gets this fearful look on her face, sometimes, when I mention Steve. Do I ... am I ... am I missing something? Have I been blind to this?"

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