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Danny is only acting as backup when it comes to this exercise. He's grateful to Chris for doing the requested damage, but there's still a part of him that cringes when he sees the way they've trashed the huts. He sighs and closes the door behind him, signalling to Nick and Kate that this is the one that's set-up the best for their exercise. He's the detective and if he's learned anything from his years on the job, it's that he ought to shut up when the lab shows up because he doesn't know half of what they do.

"Today," he advises to Kate as catches up to them, walking the last little distance, "Nick's your guy. You have a question, you ask him. If it's about the procedure of what happens after, that's me, but what I want you to do is take everything you've read and all that we talked about and go into this scene with an open mind. I want you to pick out the important pieces that might lead you to a suspect or give you a lead. Sound good?"

And maybe he can politely request that someone who owes community service hours can help tidy up the clusterfuck that's become of the huts.
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Danny's actually pretty proud of himself for this. Kate's got that gun of hers, but there's a lot of lessons Danny wants to review before she fires it. He wants her to study the medical side of it (wants her to do a CPR course, too, but one of those quick ones and not the lengthy version), and he wants her to understand the assembly of the gun. In addition to that, there's a lot of practical tasks that are associated with the weapon and he's bringing her to New Pemberley to go over one of them today.

"So, the family's not here," he warns. "But I may have contacted a friend, who's been sent ahead," he says, taking hold of one of the water guns he's borrowed from Alistair -- at this rate, it's a whole-island-wide production. "Your job, today, is to clear all the rooms of the house and find the bad guy, me, without me 'shooting' you, first. So, remember what I talked about. When you clear a room, back is always to the wall. You move swift and you follow the edges of the walls to the corner, always keeping your eyesight clear of any blockages. You announce the room as clear the minute you finish it. You move into the house, clearing all checkpoints and ensuring there are no exits behind you, otherwise you need to set down a little flag," he says, wiggling one of the orange flags in his hand, "and we'll pretend that's a uniform to hold down that exit point."

"If I squirt you where a flak-vest goes, you can keep going," he says, gesturing to her torso. "If I get you in the neck, leg, head, arm, or otherwise, then we start over. If you find me, you announce 'freeze' and do not shoot unless there is a clear and present danger of being shot on. Your goal is to find the hostage and get them out without being shot at. Clear?"
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Danny's taken Kate's gift as a sign from the island not only to her, but as a message to him as well; step it up. He'd been happy to leave her to her classes and procedure books, but there were practical lessons that never hurt to have. There were also a lot of them and Danny was only one person (with only so many hours in the day). It meant that he wanted to get started. "So, we'll do a crime scene mock-up next week," he's telling Kate as he guides her to their hut. "But I figured we'd start today's lesson with some interrogation techniques," he says. "I even hauled in a perp."

He gestures to the door, knowing Steve's probably ready in the spare room. "Now, this guy's been charged with being a public menace by dangling a tourist off a hotel roof. Your job," he says, "is to try and get information out of him first, a confession second. You ready for this?"
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If Danny's honest, there are few joys in life that really exceed the love of one's family, a good meal, and watching the game when the day is done. Ever since he got to the island, he's had no lack of the first two, but the last has been a little antiquated. Look, it's not like he's up with technology, seeing as they're both in that ever-long fight, but he'd appreciate not having to queue up a film reel every time he wants to see a game.

It's why he practically started drooling when he woke up, the weather was back to normal, and he had gifts a-plenty. He's out searching for someone to share it with and Kate's one of the first he goes to because he thinks, just possibly, she might appreciate a good football game.

He knocks on the door, leaning on his foot as he hopes to God that Steve's got the connection up while he's gone. "Hey!" he calls out. "Tell me you like football, cuz I got this thing. You're gonna love it."


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