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Danny Williams

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Name:Danny Williams
Danny Williams is five foot five, with blonde hair that has a mind of its own, and blue eyes. He's pale for a man coming from Hawaii and comes from the show Hawaii Five-O during the episode 1x15.

Your character's initial personal inventory:

*One pair of grey denim shorts, frayed at the bottom
*One ring of keys containing – house key, storage locker key, Five-O headquarters key, Camaro keys
*One pair of white boxer-briefs
*One red & yellow longboard surfboard with granules of sand sprinkled over the wax

[Disclaimer: This journal is meant for RP purposes only. Danny Williams belongs to the creators of H50 and Scott Caan is his own brash self]

Interests (11):

annoying irritating exes, being sane and rational, camaros, chin ho kelly, gracie williams, hawaii five-o, kono kalakaua, new jersey, ohana, solid policework, steve mcgarrett
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