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NAME: Danny Williams
AGE: 36
DATE OF BIRTH: August 23rd, 1976

SEXUALITY: Four on the Kinsey scale

PARENTS: Firefighting father, overworrying Ma
SIBLINGS: Three sisters, one brother (Matt)

{ danny williams
the loudest mouth on the whole of oahu
QUIRKS: Tendency to ramble, impressively coiffed hair.
LIKES: Springsteen, Bon Jovi, pizza from Jersey, law and order (not the show)
DISLIKES: Pineapples, the beach, the ocean, fruit on pizza, being shot at. Shall I go on, Steven?

In many ways, Danny is a great cop. He’s no-nonsense, he takes charge, he has a strict sense of duty, a fine-tuned moral compass, and has honed his deductive skills and cop instincts over a number of varying cases and different partners. In other ways, he’s not so great at the whole business. He’s a little too hotheaded, too quick on the draw, and lets his emotions get the best of him. His passion for the law can lead him to quick judgment and biting comments about less-reputable people. These traits act opposite to those that Steve McGarrett possesses, but when put together, the two create a surprisingly efficient and great partnership. Danny is easily driven to frustration by the partnership, but he’s more bark than bite in all aspects of his life as well as with his work. It’s not hard to read Danny’s emotional barometer. One look at his expression typically does it. He loves easily, hurts hard, and can let his anger cloud his feelings when he gives in to his grudges and petty annoyances. When Danny’s not taking personal affront, he’s an easy going guy. He’s personable and enjoys a good time and good laughs. He’s incredibly upfront with his thoughts, both good and bad, and never shies away from a confrontation (verbal or otherwise). He can come across tactless, but it’s less that he has no control over his emotions and more that he believes it’s better to speak his mind than live with regret.
HAIR: Blond
EYES: Blue

Danny is fairly short and compact. He's only five-five, but he moves with purpose and is incredibly built. He's in shape given his job on the force and makes up for what he lacks in height in his strength. He wears shirts that are a smidge too tight in the shoulders, but loose enough at the waist, and has foregone ties.
Danny grew up in Jersey in love with it all – from its bad reputation to the brutal winter weather – and after college, enrolled in the police academy and worked his way up through the ranks to become a detective. It turned out that New Jersey wasn’t a bad place to meet beautiful young British women with very poor driving skills. While he was just a cop, Danny met Rachel – or, rather, her fender met his bender. He offered to give her driving lessons and before he knew it, they were married and had a baby girl together. Before she knew it, she woke up married to a cop. And then came the spats. They fought about everything, but most frequently they fought about how Danny put his job above his family. Eventually the arguments broke the camel’s back and eleven years together was ended in a nasty divorce. If that wasn’t bad enough, Rachel took their daughter, Grace, and moved her to Hawaii after marrying a businessman from the islands. Not willing to lose the most important thing in his life, Danny picked up and moved to Hawaii.