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It's morning and Danny, Danny has always hated mornings. It's not like he has to get up, now. Rapture is sealed off again and Steve and all the gun-happy people at the ITF have made sure that no one's getting out, which means that Danny gets to sleep. In fact, it means he can absolutely scoot over and wrap his arms around Steve to get him closer. What's not expected is when Danny slides in and his hand brushes against a very firm, very round breast.

Right, okay, so, this is strange. It could just be Rachel, though. He peeks one eye open and finds that no, Rachel's hair is not that brown and Rachel does not have those tattoos, which means that Danny's day is officially fucked.

"Damn it, Steve," Danny groans and as soon as he hears his own voice, he knows it's not only Steve who's affected. With an ugly laugh and a disbelieving grin, he shakes his head and sighs. "Steven," he sighs. "Wake up, sleeping beauty."
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For some reason, this morning feels a little more difficult than others to get up for - even though most days it's Steve who hops out of bed first, today he just wants to sleep in, and he feels even more inclined to do it with Danny next to him, curling up against him from behind, soft fingertips stroking over his chest.

Somehow, that touch is slightly more - stimulating than normal. Steve normally goes to bed without a shirt on, but it's really hard to ignore the effect that Danny's hand has on his -

He sits violently upright, rubbing his eyes with the heel of his hand. "What the," he breathes, and is greeted with a voice several octaves higher than what he's used to hearing in his own head.
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"What?" Steve's glancing around wildly - over at Danny, then down at himself, down at his hands and arms (which still bear every single one of his tattoos) and breasts. At least the sight of Danny like this is relatively familiar, and after a beat, Steve glances over one shoulder at him, frowning visibly. "I am not thirteen," he insists, though it comes out as more of a whine for emphasis.
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"I don't know," Steve mutters, slowly drawing his knees up and wrapping his arms around his legs, effectively hiding his chest. Dark hair spills over his knees when he tilts his head forward, voice half-muffled. "Seventeen, eighteen maybe. Does this look like the body of a thirteen-year-old to you?"
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"Look, I'm pretty sure I'm not a kid, alright?" Steve replies, lifting his head with a minor flux of frustration as he gestures to himself, hands traveling up and down the length of his body. He knows he's not exactly in his thirties either, but he definitely feels closer to the age he'd been right before he'd gone off to join up.
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"Wait, what?" It's all Steve manages to get out before Danny's bending him back against the bed, bearing her down. He wriggles his hips once and then settles for laying back, hair fanned out around his head. He - she might be taller, but Danny's got more muscle, and soon Steve tips his head back, a small groan rising in his throat. "Got all the other ink," he points out, not moving yet.
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"I didn't know I was going to wake up with these," Steve mutters, motioning with one hand to his chest. "Among other things." He's half-scowling as he rolls over onto his stomach, one hand pillowed beneath his cheek.
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Steve lifts one hand, slender fingers instead of calloused ones finding Danny's. His wedding ring is too big to wear on his ring finger and he frowns, slipping it off to reveal the initials inked in. "I'll have to find something to thread this through so I won't lose it," he points out, rolling the gold band between thumb and index.
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"What?" Steve's half-distracted, half-delirious by the sensation of kisses being trailed down the slope of his neck, shoulders arching slightly as he shifts his weight against the bed, a shiver almost visible as it travels down his spine. It feels good, but different somehow, a softer pair of lips creating a similar heat that coils low in his stomach. "Everyone knows I'm yours, D."
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"Yeah, but they're going to figure it out sooner or later, and it's not like I'd let anyone grope me in the meantime," Steve answers, slowly rolling over again as he blinks visibly. "Uh, I don't - I don't know. I didn't really look for it after you - put it somewhere."
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"So what, you confiscated it and now you're going to - use it?" Steve asks, swallowing back the words as he tries to see exactly how this is going to go down. The other part can't completely wrap his head around the part where that's been under their bed since the day Danny took it down.
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"Well, I had the equipment to - " Steve starts, and then his eyes widen, eyebrows slowly going up. "Yeah, Danno?" He grins, slowly, laying back against the mattress. "You're hoping I'm eighteen."
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Steve might be a girl, but there are things that still take a second to dawn on him, and he glances up at Danny as he makes his way up his body, lifting one hand to fist a gentle grip in long blonde hair. "Kiss me, babe," he murmurs, lifting up off the bed to meet him halfway.
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"Hmm?" Steve hums against Danny's mouth, eyebrows rising despite his closed eyes, and he gently slides one hand up underneath the jersey Danny's got one, fingertips slowly tracing the more delicate curve of spine.
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"Yeah, I like," Steve replies, just as softly, his hands slowly sliding down lower until they round over Danny's backside, kneading over a slightly softer rear.
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"Or you would've," Steve replies, arching into the touch of Danny's hands with a satisfied sound, closing his eyes as Danny proceeds to touch him everywhere.
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"Good to know," Steve answers, eyes still closed - but even he knows how to find Danny's mouth from here, turning his head until his lips can graze over Danny's, a soft and sweet kiss that makes him groan - a quiet, higher sound given his changed vocal register.
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"You'll only be able to say that for a little while longer," Steve answers, though he doesn't move to free himself from Danny's grip or even struggle all that long, hips bucking up suggestively.
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"What?" Steve asks, with a slightly impatient sound again. He's already letting his hand roam up underneath the shirt Danny's got on, fingers curling against the hem to try and push it up more.
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"Yes," Steve declares, and promptly rolls them over, bearing Danny against the bed with his hips. It's a little easier said than done, since his hips are decisively smaller, his frame slighter than he's accustomed to, but overall he accomplished what he'd set out to do as he kisses Danny soundly, his hand sliding up into the long, tousled blonde strands to massage over his scalp.