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When Danny wakes up in a body that's not his, not even remotely, he sort of lies in bed and hates life for a while. He huffs and he puffs and he kicks the covers and he stares at the ceiling with his arms crossed until the feeling of breasts under his arms gets too weird and then he uncrosses them. It's not like this was funny the first time, but at least he's not eighteen years old this go-around.

Still, it's not like that makes it better.

Danny mumbles complaint and excuses to a sleepy Steve, grabbing hold of a robe and knotting it over the white t-shirt and boxers he likes to sleep in, staggering down the beach to Rachel's door. He knocks on the door, knowing that he might wake Jess up, but right now, Rachel's his best bet for booze and a shoulder to bitch to. "Rachel," Danny sighs. "Rachel, open up. I need comfort in the form of whatever liquor you hide in there."
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"Oh. Holy. Shit," comes Rachel's voice from the bowels of her house. She knows that voice. She knows that girly, pissed off voice.

And she definitely knows those tits, as she flings the door open.

"You can have booze, but I get to squeeze your boobs. Those are my terms."
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"You're not gonna let me touch them anyway so there's really no positive here for me," she points, out, gesturing inside to her formidable booze shelves. "I mean, I know you're married and all, but a little grope? I can't even have that? I'm like, practically a widow, Danny."
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Rachel grins and skips over to the booze, glad Jess is still up at baby school or whatever. She pours three fingers of whiskey and hands it over with a pleased sigh. "Damn, I mean, I paid good money for mine and yours are still better. Drink up and I'm just gonna cop a little feel."