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This whole 'having a seal' thing is kind of starting to baffle Danny. He knows that he's not keeping the thing as a pet, but the animal keeps showing up on the rocks near shore and barking at him in the morning, prompting the dog to bark back. Right now, Danny's dragging thick rocks from the shoreline towards the ocean to try and build up some kind of little palatial paradise for the seal.

And he's trying to tell himself that he is not allowed to put khakis on the thing so it better resembles its namesake.

Zulu and the seal are having a goddamn barking contest and Danny swears he's getting a migraine by the second. He pinches the bridge of his nose and looks between the two. "You're gonna drive me crazy," he informs the animals. "You know that?"
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"Danny Williams I swear to Christ!" Rachel shouts as she stomps down to the beach, hair mussed and flying. "I am trying to take a nap, okay? Do you know why, huh? Because I have a baby and he sucks my will to live. What the fuck is that noise?"
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"What the fuck does Steve has to do with this!" she shrieks, hands flying as she wrinkles the nose as the mother fucking seal. "Did you name that thing Steve, seriously? Why do you have a seal?"
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"Oh my God," Rachel mutters, throwing her hands up. "It's like, actually your seal. What the hell are you building for it, anyway, a landing strip? You realize it's never going to leave if you make it a fucking rock nest."
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Rachel shrieks, pulling her hand away as she jumps backwards at least a foot. "Oh my God, it's touching me! Call it over to you. Make it stop!"
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"It's fine," she squeaks, trying not to think about weird seal related germs and diseases. "Is it like, wanting to come in your house and shit? Oh my God don't let Jess see it. He'll probably love it. He pulls the cats tails and his tiny turnip brain won't know the difference."
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"My baby is my whole world but he still has a turnip brain," she snorts, backing up a few paces from the general mayhem. "Although he's totally pulling up on his own, now. He'll be walking in no time. I still say if his first word is Danny, I'm coming after you."
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"Mmhmm," she hums, rolling her eyes as she watches Danny work. "Hurry the fuck up with this thing. I left the kid alone with only our cats to protect him. He's due a bath and a diaper change and that has Uncle Danny written all over it."
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"I would love to see you try that," Rachel chirps, winding an arm around Danny's waist as they turn towards the house. "Aside from the fucking seal, how're you doing, babe?"
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Rachel makes a show of checking out his hip and ass before giving it a hearty pat. "I noticed. And kind of the same, you know. Raylan and I are doing better, I still flinch sometimes when he moves too quick at me. It'll fade."
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"I don't know," she hedges, shrugging uncomfortably. "It wasn't him, in the end. But I thought it was at the time. I thought I had been that wrong and you were in the hospital and I just...I thought everything had gone to shit just like I always think it will. He beat the shit out of me. And I thought it was my husband. Think we should just all write off the end of last year."
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"Yeah, well, I really don't want to work through getting beaten up by Raylan," she points out. "I choose repression. Repression has gotten me far in life."