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For all that Danny had complained about the possibility of Steve getting him shot, winding up stabbed by his not-so-daughter-like-daughter hadn't exactly been up there on the list of things he had expected. After all, that's insane, isn't it? It should be. And yet, here he is in the clinic with stitches up and down his sides to prevent his guts from spilling out and Esther is dead and Steve isn't under his roof and Danny doesn't know what to do right now except bitch more about the pain.

Because that? That is in his control. "Come on, who's got the power over the morphine here?" he shouts, voice a weak resemblance of what it could be. "I'm dying over here."
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The second I hear, I hop on the ATV and haul my ass to the clinic, heart lodged in the back of my throat. I burst through the doors, boots practically skidding on the concrete, and I'm hit with a wave of relief, finding him conscious and complaining.

"You're not dyin'," I say, aiming for laughter and falling pretty embarrassingly short of it.
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"Shut up, I'm not your fuckin' nurse," I say, crossing over to the bed, my knuckles grazing his shoulder.

"What the fuck happened, man?"
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"Hey, relax," I say when he starts to breathe funny, like it's turning into a struggle for him.

"Where's Steve? Is he okay?"
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"I can go find out, if you want me to," I offer, my thumb brushing the skin just above his collar. It's a soothing sort of motion, even though I'm not one hundred percent sure it's not just as much for me.
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I'm not his husband, I want to point out, but the way things are between them, I decide to keep my mouth shut.

"You couldn't have known, you know," I murmur, "You thought you were doin' the right thing by her."
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"I don't know," I admit quietly, 'cause it's not something I can wrap my head around, even though I know the lengths I'd go to take care of my own children. I know that I'd do anything to protect them. And I know how much he misses his own daughter, how much he wants to get that part of his life back.

It's hard to blame him for grasping for a replacement, even if it wasn't a good one.

I push a hand gently through his hair, not really knowing what else to do but just... be here.
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"It's gonna be okay," I murmur, even though I can't promise that. I've got no way of knowing. It's hard for me to be hopeful, but I still don't feel like it's a lie.

"Danny, you got fucked over. Sounds to me like she was pretty fuckin' good at it."
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"Jesus," I say with a snort of laughter. It's not really funny, but it's one of those things that's so fucked up, it's kind of hard not to laugh. Absurd, but at the same time, with the past I've got, it almost would've made more since if she'd been a twelve year old who wanted to fuck him.

Sitting down on the edge of the bed next to him, I hesitate for a moment, then stretch out beside him, 'cause that's what he seems to want.

"Can't really blame the crazy fuckin' bitch, but she should've rethought her tactics, you know?"
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"Are they still looking?" I ask, wondering what they'd even do with somebody that fucking batshit crazy.

I'm not on the council anymore, so I guess it's not my problem.
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"They'll find 'im, Danny," I say, even though I can't fucking know that. People just vanish off the face of the fucking earth every single day, around here.

"You oughta get some sleep, you know."
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"Yeah, 'course I'll stay. The girls are with Tunny, I got some time," I say, glad I had time to talk to the three of them before I ran out here. I'll need to go home, eventually, but for now, I'm all his.