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Danny Williams ([personal profile] haolehothead) wrote2012-09-29 12:44 pm
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He doesn't have that long.

By all rights, Danny shouldn't have left the hut at all, but standing there with all that silence and staring at Esther's arm only brought him back to thoughts of Steve, who's packed a bag of his things and has gone -- well, fuck knows where the hell he's gone, but he's not at home anymore and it's just so painfully much like the final days with Rachel that Danny's on autopilot.

Instead of a seedy motel, though, he heads for a friend. At least he's improved as far as good choices go. Without even knowing how much time has passed, Danny finds himself at Neil's doorstep. His hand hovers in front of the door, but he can't knock. Instead, he sags down and sits in front of Neil's house in shock and the kind of horror that accompanies a fight like this.

What the fuck is happening to his life, that's what he wants to know.

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