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dated May 31st

The night had passed in pretty much a blur and by the time Danny's on his way home -- tie loosened, jacket in hand -- that tumultuous turning in his stomach has gone from a background pang to something right in his view. He wants to be happy for Helen and he is. God, he is. He's always happy that his friends are continuing with their lives with all the happiness they deserve, but there's something that harkens back to Rachel and Grace with Helen in particular that catches him off-guard.

He tries to shake it off, managing a little better once he gets back to the hut and Zulu seems more than eager to greet him. "Hey, buddy. Your Dad home?" he asks, scratching under the dog's chin. "Steve?" he calls out. "Babe, you back yet?"

Danny continues the slow trudge to the bedroom, exhausted with just enough alcohol in his system to make him feel like he's lagging. He only bothers with the first three buttons of his shirt before he sinks down onto the edge of the bed, sprawling onto his back with a long exhale.
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Steve's already relaxing in bed, a book on his lap and his glasses perched on his nose. He hadn't stuck around the party to do much more than congratulate the new nominees, and he's in the mood now to spend more of a quiet evening at home than spend the night hours drinking and eating to his heart's content.

"You gonna pass out right there like that?" he asks, noting Danny's current state of undress with a raised eyebrow and a curious expression. "Or do you need help getting your shoes off first?"
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His glasses slide down his nose as he peers down at Danny, squinting slightly.

"You're not drunk right now, are you?"
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It doesn't take a brain surgeon to figure out that what Danny's feeling is probably only connected to one thing. Steve doesn't mention this out loud, but slowly closes his book and puts it aside instead, resting his glasses on top before he slides down the bed, propping himself up on his side.

"Talk to me, Danno," he says, frowning slightly.
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"I don't think there's some kind of greater power out there trying to make you feel bad," Steve replies, a deeper frown setting in as he sits up.

"I know you miss Grace. But we've seen for ourselves how well she's doing back home. You're still there for her. I'm still there. She's got the whole team watching out for her and she's happy, living her life. That's what you've always wanted for her, right?"
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"I know," he replies, looking down at his hands, feeling all the more helpless for knowing that Danny misses Grace every second of every day. "If I know you, though, you're not going to settle for only two days a week back home, Danny. Not if you can help it."
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"I know," Steve says quietly, looking down at his hands before he reaches out to gently guide one between Danny's shoulderblades, kneading his back. "In the meantime, though, I'm here. For the hugging part, if you want."
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"Well, it'd be more than that, obviously," Steve replies, his hand slipping up to the back of Danny's neck, gently pinching and rolling the muscles underneath his fingertips. "But if you wanted the kind of hug you could go in for and refuse to let go for a while, I'm good with starting there."
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Steve chuckles, a small surprised exhale, and slides his arms around Danny firmly, a hug that starts off strong and tight and lingers to something much warmer than a firm squeeze as he turns his face in, resting his jaw against Danny's cheek. "I can do that," he says, without joking.
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"Any time," Steve replies, nudging his nose against Danny's hairline and breathing him in, a long inhale and an even longer exhale as his grin turns loose and relaxed. "You're not the only one who gets something out of these, you know."
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"All of it, if we're being honest, but I was mostly talking about this. Just this," he says, nuzzling Danny's temple as he curls his arms around him a little tighter, breathing out a long sigh.
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Steve pulls back, raising an interested eyebrow, his lips forming a smile before they get around to speaking actual words afterward. "Is this devolving into the more mature stuff you were referring to already?" he asks. "Because I'm not really sure I'm mentally prepared to make the switch just yet."
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"Maybe because your mouth makes me think of doing a list of other things to you afterward," Steve answers, leaning in to steal the kind of nipping kiss meant to leave them both breathless afterwards, one hand gently cupping Danny's jaw.
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Steve's grin is lazy, a little over-confident when he pulls back, taking comfort in knowing he can get this kind of a reaction out of Danny with minimal effort, but he doesn't move to take things very far. Instead, he lays back against the bed, tugging Danny close in his arms. "You tired?" he asks, voice low.
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"Listen, Danny. You are going to be a great uncle, alright? You've got experience in spades, the biggest heart out of anyone I've ever met, and you know how to administer a little tough love when you need to. Your friends are lucky to have you as someone they can rely on for any of that," Steve replies, resting a hand against the back of Danny's neck.
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"You're impossible to forget," Steve replies, making sure he has Danny's gaze and his attention when he says the words, slowly and evenly paced. "No one's going to forget you - not as their uncle, their friend, or anything else you are to them."
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"You can count on it," Steve replies, insistent even as he smiles, leaning in to tip Danny's chin up slowly with his fingertips. He knows Danny's only attempting to get him worked up, but his response is low and sincere.