haolehothead: (ride a cowboy: by brad)
Danny Williams ([personal profile] haolehothead) wrote2012-04-08 07:32 pm

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There's a couple of nice things that Danny appreciates about the world suddenly turning to desert and dust. For one, he gets to sleep without the sound of waves keeping him until the early hours of the morning. Plus, he gets to wear some amazing clothes and he's got a gun on him. He's just grateful to be practicing his accuracy once more, seeing as it's been a while and he'd started to get worried.

As it stands, he's working on putting together dinner for when Steve gets home -- just a simple vegetable stew and some beef that he's picked up from the Compound since there is no way in hell that he's looking a gift cow in the mouth, so to speak. With the heat rising from his small stove, he inches towards the door, kicking it open to let some of the steam out, giving Zulu a warning look as he pokes a wooden spoon in the dog's direction. "You even think about running and I'm letting Steve take you for a five-miler."

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