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When Danny first moved to Hawaii, he'd interviewed with the HPD wearing the tie Grace got him for Father's Day. They discussed his eighty-seven successful homicide closed cases, they talked about what brought him to the island, and he had the job within days. Six months later, he had precious few allies and one of the best partners he could ever ask for. Six months after that, he's suddenly shanghai'ed into Five-0, Meka's dead, and Steve McGarrett has him filling out more paperwork on a daily basis to the point that he's got new callouses that will never go away.

The point is, Danny's used to change. He's used to getting his job done and being the best police officer he can be -- regardless of the pushback he gets because he's a haole or because he wears ties in 90F heat. That doesn't matter to him. What matters is justice -- it's empathy and keeping families together -- and it's being a good man. Now, with Archie gone and the responsibility of the IPD in his hands, Danny has an idea of how he can continue to pursue those values here in a way that goes beyond patrols.

Plus, it helps that he's already in the midst of doing exactly that. He's got several books in his hands -- texts that he's been accumulating for a while for Kate -- but it's not Kate's door that he's at. It'd taken him a while, given the way the island had decided to go all Spaghetti Western on them, but he's finally here. He's made sure he has plenty of time just for this -- and time is something he's short of (he's had to shorten his hours at the bakery and the children's office, but it's worth it).

Right now, he's got a goal in mind and Danny Williams doesn't give up on something once he sinks his teeth into it.
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She's been spending a lot of time a the Council office these days. The disappearance of Ginny Weasley is one that's caused any number of ripples among the group, with both of the redhead's siblings reeling from the loss and Harry acting tense for all of it, and Hermione herself finds that she's just not sure what to do, aside from making herself available, aside from putting more hours into her job when she's unsure how to handle all else in her life, emotions that she can barely manage on a good day. She heaves a sigh, diligently working through her paperwork, hoping to finish early so that she can return home, check on the boys.

And it's a wonder that she doesn't feel twice her age, Hermione thinks to herself.

When there's a knock on the Council office, Hermione glances up, finds Danny at the door. She's grateful that he had the sense to warn her before barging in the room like certain islanders have a tendency of doing, offering a smile as she holds the door open, waving her arm in welcome.

"Didn't expect a visit in the middle of my day," she remarks, pushing her paperwork aside and slipping back into her seat, gesturing at the one across from the desk. "So what have I done to merit this lovely surprise?"
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For a second, Hermione considers offering Danny her congratulations, but it's the circumstances that have her holding back. As happy as she is that Danny gets to do more with the work that he clearly loves, it came at the cost of losing one of their number as well, and someone who had always seemed from a distance to be very happy with his life on the island. Hermione could only hope that Archie Kennedy had left to some place just as or happier than Tabula Rasa.

"Business is good as well. Anything to give me a break from my current stack of papers," Hermione replies with a slight smile and a nod. "But yes, I've time. What did you want to discuss?"
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Four words in, and Hermione already has her notebook out, nodding lightly to herself as she jots down a couple of notes to bring up at the next full Council meeting. Truth be told, she's excited about the idea of expanding the training program, and thinks that any kind of steady, thorough documentation on what it takes to train a civilian into the role would be good. The disappearances have been frequent this season, and Hermione can't help thinking that it's only a matter of time until someone the island's come to rely on regularly will end up fading away into the woodwork.

"I'd have to run this idea by the rest of the Council," Hermione warns first, not wanting to overly commit herself just yet. "But I don't see any reason why two largely overlapping classes shouldn't be consolidated. It'd certainly use our resources more efficiently."
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"When you only have a population of three hundred or so on an island no more than ten miles in diameter, it's rather difficult to find a large body of entirely impartial and removed representatives. I'd always assumed that people weren't looking for that necessarily, anyway," Hermione muses, lips pursed as she thinks about the island population and all the ways it differs from the politics she's otherwise known in her life. "But I'd still like to think that I'm fairly good at separating myself from personal sentiment."

Her lips quirked. "Just ask Harry and Ron, they'd tell you a great deal. I think you should feel more than free to propose or run ideas by me. I won't guarantee that I'll support them wholeheartedly, but discourse is more often than not a good thing."
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Her lip quirks at the mention of there being a genius crime-guy. While Hermione doesn't truthfully see herself going for the job of Auror whenever she returns to her world, she appreciates people who are capable of doing the job. It's one that the world wouldn't be able to function without. It's certainly one that people wouldn't be safe without. And in general, seeing people passionate over just about anything is enough to bring a smile to Hermione's lips, even if sometimes it ends up being as frivolous as professional Quidditch.

Everyone needs that kind of drive in their lives, and if it's something that benefits the collective, then all the better.

"I'm assuming Nick the crime-guy isn't here, though," she smirks, folding her hands neatly together. "Where exactly are we in the process of planning all of this? What should I know moving forward?"
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"Oh, Tony Stark," Hermione sighs lightly, rubbing at her cheek, the hope upon hearing that yet someone else skilled with criminal investigation was still on the island knocked slightly askew by the thought of trying to make Tony a bit more... well, suited to the island's needs and sensibilities. "Having been in his class before, I wonder if there isn't some way to make him a bit more, how should I put it, compromising in tone? Sometimes he can get a bit superior or carried away, and while I appreciate all that he does and think that he's entitled to being proud of those accomplishments, I just worry that some people may not be entirely receptive. Does that make sense?"

Hermione bites down on her lower lip, feeling guilty for bringing it up at all. The truth is, she rather likes Tony. But she also liked Professor Lockhart, and not everyone else did.

"Thinking about admission requirements sounds good, too. I could draft up my initial thoughts and maybe call the Council together for us to talk them through the plans and get feedback," she adds, pressing her lips together in thought.
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"Oh, please don't misunderstand," Hermione says at once, brows furrowing in earnest disappointment that she's had to bring up concerns like this at all. The last thing that she wants people to do, as a rule, is change themselves to fit some type of order. But sometimes concessions have to be made in order for people to feel comfortable, she thinks to herself, and the island's been as good of an example of that as any. The only reason it runs as well as it does, she thinks, is because people aren't hoarding resources to themselves, no matter how terrifying and uncertain the place can be.

"I don't mean to be so critical of Mr. Stark," she continues, shaking her head. "If anything, I respect him and his intellect a great deal. Everyone has peculiarities, and he's never been anything but supportive of innovation, which means a lot to me. And hush, I can't be the smartest woman you know."

Her cheeks color.

"It's just that his personality takes time to grow accustomed to."
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"I'm pretty sure that having your intellect reduced a bit around the person you're in love with isn't a bad thing," Hermione says, even if she isn't sure if she's ever had the same quite happen to her. She's always been an intensely analytical person, and around her boys, it seems like that tendency is only raised on the whole. She's had to look after them for about half of her life now, making sure that they don't land themselves in deep trouble or trip up along the way. But if there's one thing that being around Ron certainly does, it's suppress the rationality that Hermione so often prides herself on.

Sometimes she gets overly excited around him, and it's only ever plain and clear in retrospect.

"Thank you, though," she says with a bow of her head, and no small amount of satisfaction in her smile. "I don't suppose that by toast, you mean toasted bread?"
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Her cheeks dust faintly with pride, because if there's anything that Hermione is willing to accept by way of compliment, it's the fact that she tries hard at everything she does. There's no effort spared, be it the pursuit of higher education, or the safety and security of her friends. As far as Hermione's concerned, there's little in life worth trying if not worth trying in full.

Of course, balance comes into play as well. It was easier to throw her all into her coursework in earlier years, but with age comes responsibility. Losing herself in a library every day isn't as acceptable anymore.

"Well, it's his prerogative, I suppose," Hermione says in concession to the boy she doesn't even know. "Wasted potential is always disappointing, but perhaps he feels more fulfilled with the life he leads now. Everyone's entitled to their own happiness. But... I'm glad not to be living like that, admittedly."
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"Well, I've heard it said that some people feel particularly enlightened when they're, erm. Taking substances," Hermione considers with a skeptical tilt of her head, trying her best to be diplomatic, although the judgment bleeds through in her tone. "Although personally, I think it's just as likely that they're feeling... literally enlightened. Given that recreational drugs do have a tendency to throw our senses and balance completely off. Not that I'd know personally, but, you find users in any society, really."
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"People in general aren't the best at self-control, although I suppose you could make the argument that at least being self-aware at all is a step in of itself," Hermione says with a mild shrug, lips curving in slight amusement on the matter. "Recreational drugs just happen to be more measurably damaging than, say, an obsession with watching certain professional athletes. And more immediately physically damaging than gambling, for instance. All things considered though, beyond my personal distaste, I don't think I'd even trust myself to be capable of policing my own consumption of recreational drugs, were I to walk that path. Which is why I never plan on trying it in the first place."
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"No, but... I know that this must sound rather ridiculous, but I'm fairly certain that a sizable portion of the population has preconceptions about me," says Hermione, a crooked grin crossing her face. "It's those books. If I did anything entirely out of line with what people expect from that, it could have a negative impact. The last thing I want to do is come across as incompetent."

Crossing her arms in front of her stomach with a soft laugh, Hermione shakes her head. "After you set a high standard for yourself, there comes a time when others expect just as much from you."