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When Danny first came up with this plan, he figured he'd have to get outside help for the destruction of property (not that he phrased it that way, but called it a 'upturning of the status quo' when he'd talked to Chris), but as much as he tries to recreate the crime-kit he brings to scenes, it's definitely not the same and Steve the Science Guy can only help so far. He needs some actual help when it comes to thinks like blacklights and print-grabbing.

Danny figures there's no harm in swinging by the lab. He'd do this at home all the time and he really should be keeping his relationship with them open in the event anything does go down again. It's why he's got a couple of donuts in hand with coffee when he knocks on the door that the lab and clinic splits. "Hey, anybody home," he jokes, heading straight for Nick (Nick? He thinks it's Nick, he just signed up for baseball) and offering out the food.
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"Yes, sir," Nick said, looking up from his desk, where he was doing paperwork -- seriously, a place without crime and he still felt like he was always filling out reports -- to see Danny coming in.

"You know, that bakery was one of the best things that's ever happened to this place," he pointed out, eyeing the box of donuts. Sure, electricity and running water were great, but the bakery was pretty important, too.
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Nick grabbed one of the donuts from the box and took a bite out of it as Danny talked. "Jump right to the favor part," he said, after swallowing the mouthful of food. "I can multitask. Besides, it's been way too long since anyone's needed a favor that I can help out on." Mostly, it was just people asking for new drugs or treatments or experiments, which were not quite Nick's area of expertise.
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Nick brushed the crumbs from his hands and beamed, rather like a kid who'd just been offered some very, very fancy toy.

"Well, you have certainly come to talk to the right guy," he said. "We've got some of the basic lab equipment here, but I think I've got something even better." Nick leaned down, reaching for the forensics kit he'd received after the winter ended, and set it down on the table, opening the lid to show Danny what was inside. "Behold, the only forensics kit on the island. This should do the trick."
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Nick arched an eyebrow and made a mental note to ask about that story. He liked long, boring, Super-Science stories. That's why he was a CSI, after all.

"You're more than welcome to borrow it," he said, "But I wouldn't mind stopping by and chatting with your trainee. It's always good to be out of the lab. I miss the field work, to tell you the truth." Didn't miss the murders and the danger, but he sure missed getting out there in the dirt and putting clues together.
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"You know, I'd been thinking of gauging interest for some kind of class," Nick said thoughtfully. "Would be nice to have more people around who can do the basics, at least." It was contingency planning in a way; Nick knew that no matter what he wanted, that he probably would not be on the island forever, and it would sure be nice to know that he'd left behind someone who could handle things in the forensics area of the lab. "I think it sounds like a great idea. It's definitely worlds different than back home -- aside from the lack of technology, the crime scenes themselves are just... not the same, really." Less dead hookers, more mutilated bodies dragged from other dimensions, mostly. "I'd be glad to help out, any way I can, man."
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"Good thing none of my coworkers from home are around to hear you say that," Nick said with a laugh. "I don't think I'd ever live it down."

In truth, he almost wished they were around, so they could see what he'd made out of his life, so they could see that he'd done his best to make them all proud.
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"That I'm the expert, I guess," Nick said. "I wasn't really the kind of guy at home who'd go after opportunities like this. I just did my job." He'd heard things were different back home, for the version of himself that didn't wind up on the island. "But." He shrugged. "Different place, different life. I'm not going to complain."
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Nick slid the case back into its storage place. "I don't have much by way of a set schedule around here," he said, "so I'm pretty much good for whenever you want to do this thing." It was nice, being able to determine his own days and how he spent his time, but he had to admit that he loved the idea of getting back out in the field, so to speak, and teaching others exactly what it was that he loved so much about his job.
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"Excallent," Nick said, smiling broadly. "I'm looking forward to working with you. This sounds like it will be a lot of fun... from a purely educational standpoint." He was excited about the opportunity already and couldn't wait to start coming up with ideas and scenarios to run past Kate. "The donuts helped the offer, though, not gonna lie."
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Nick laughed and eyed the box of donuts. "Man, I can already tell I'm going to like working with you." If only the majority of the LVPD had been so accommodating. A lot could be accomplished with a box of snacks and a hopeful question or two.