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Danny's not sure why he didn't think of this sooner. The minute he passed along all the wedding duties to Steve, all his stress and tension just disappeared. It's almost like he doesn't really have to worry about it now that he's got the details in someone's capable hands. It's a pretty good feeling. That doesn't completely absolve him of his tasks, though, which is why he's at Clark's place with a decent bottle of wine and a couple glasses. "Hey, Kent, you in?" he asks, using the base of the glass to knock on the door. "I need some help with a speech."

And Superman, while good at saving the day, is also really good at being eloquent. Plus, now that Lois is here, Danny doesn't feel so bad to inundate Clark with some of the issues to do with his love life.

"There's wine in it for you," he adds, as if that'll do the trick.
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Alcohol hadn't had much effect on Clark back home. The first time he'd accidentally gotten drunk on the island had proved to be the last; unused to being so out of control, he's been a bit wary of drinking ever since. He briefly arches a brow at Danny's bribe but waves him in with a smile.

"For the reception?"