Jan. 10th, 2014

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As far as Danny's concerned, there are universal wins and there are times when you need to roll with whatever strange punches are being given to you. Stepping through a random door with Steve right behind him and ending up in the hotel was weird, true. Going back through the door and ending up in Vegas? Also weird, but it's not exactly something Danny is arguing because hey, he has always loved Las Vegas and he's got some money on him, nowhere to be, and it's the kind of heat he likes.

So, you know, he's happy.

He's also secretly happy that Steve is right there with him. After all, it's like a challenge to get Steve to loosen up. True, it's not that Danny wants him to get all curved and loose and go find strippers or anything (he might end up a bit jealous, that's all), but getting Steve a bit tipsy is good for the soul. You know, or whatever they say.

"Hey," Danny calls to Steve, sliding him a mixed drink. "This one's on me, but after that, I'm no longer your ATM for the night." Might as well enjoy paradise when you're dropped into it, right?


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Danny Williams

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