Jul. 7th, 2013

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It's morning and Danny, Danny has always hated mornings. It's not like he has to get up, now. Rapture is sealed off again and Steve and all the gun-happy people at the ITF have made sure that no one's getting out, which means that Danny gets to sleep. In fact, it means he can absolutely scoot over and wrap his arms around Steve to get him closer. What's not expected is when Danny slides in and his hand brushes against a very firm, very round breast.

Right, okay, so, this is strange. It could just be Rachel, though. He peeks one eye open and finds that no, Rachel's hair is not that brown and Rachel does not have those tattoos, which means that Danny's day is officially fucked.

"Damn it, Steve," Danny groans and as soon as he hears his own voice, he knows it's not only Steve who's affected. With an ugly laugh and a disbelieving grin, he shakes his head and sighs. "Steven," he sighs. "Wake up, sleeping beauty."


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Danny Williams

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