Jan. 18th, 2012

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Danny's taken Kate's gift as a sign from the island not only to her, but as a message to him as well; step it up. He'd been happy to leave her to her classes and procedure books, but there were practical lessons that never hurt to have. There were also a lot of them and Danny was only one person (with only so many hours in the day). It meant that he wanted to get started. "So, we'll do a crime scene mock-up next week," he's telling Kate as he guides her to their hut. "But I figured we'd start today's lesson with some interrogation techniques," he says. "I even hauled in a perp."

He gestures to the door, knowing Steve's probably ready in the spare room. "Now, this guy's been charged with being a public menace by dangling a tourist off a hotel roof. Your job," he says, "is to try and get information out of him first, a confession second. You ready for this?"


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Danny Williams

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