Jan. 15th, 2012

haolehothead: (gripping tales of sex & interest: by wol)
Six days had passed and every single morning, Danny woke up in a hotel bed in New Jersey. He keeps expecting his luck to change, but somehow it doesn't. Somehow, he keeps ending up exactly where he wants to be. It's weird. It's beyond weird, but he doesn't want to complain about a good thing. The one thing that shies away from good, though, is that the longer he stays (and the more family dinners he takes part in), the more he's realizing he's going to have to tell them about him and Steve.

Hell, he's also had a niggling idea in his mind, but he's tucking it away -- for now.

"Steve," he murmurs when it's Day Six and he wakes up at home, right where he belongs. "You up?" Danny's migrated to the other half of the bed to try and splay out, taking advantage of the sheer comfort that a hotel mattress provides.


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Danny Williams

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