Jan. 3rd, 2012

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If Danny's honest, there are few joys in life that really exceed the love of one's family, a good meal, and watching the game when the day is done. Ever since he got to the island, he's had no lack of the first two, but the last has been a little antiquated. Look, it's not like he's up with technology, seeing as they're both in that ever-long fight, but he'd appreciate not having to queue up a film reel every time he wants to see a game.

It's why he practically started drooling when he woke up, the weather was back to normal, and he had gifts a-plenty. He's out searching for someone to share it with and Kate's one of the first he goes to because he thinks, just possibly, she might appreciate a good football game.

He knocks on the door, leaning on his foot as he hopes to God that Steve's got the connection up while he's gone. "Hey!" he calls out. "Tell me you like football, cuz I got this thing. You're gonna love it."


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Danny Williams

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